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2024 Livestock Exhibitor Camping Waiting List

2024 Livestock Exhibitor Camping Form - Waiting List


Lot 5 camping spaces 1-57 will be one size (15' x 40').
  1. Purchase of a camping spot does not cover gate entry or parking pass.
  2. The Fair does not guarantee water or electrical hook-ups. Spaces are limited to availability. Receipt of money does not guarantee space. If electrical is available, a 50Ft 30Amp RV cord may be required to access power.
  3. Dry camping in Lot 6 does not include water or power.
  4. Reservation forms, along with the camping fee, must be sent to the Fair Office by July 31, 2024 (depending on availability). (For returning campers from 2023, you have the first opportunity to secure a camping spot by signing up. On May 6 th, we will open the link to other livestock campers. If we don't receive your application and payment by May 5th, you can still purchase camping until all spots are filled, but your space may not be guaranteed.) No telephone reservations will be taken. No refunds will be given after July 31, 2024. Forms must be complete; incomplete forms will not be considered a reservation.
  5. Camping spaces are reserved for livestock exhibitors. One camper space per family. Priority will be given to the previous year’s campers.
  6. Application does not automatically guarantee space.
  7. Haul in and haul out information along with your space assignment will be mailed in August.

Personal Information

Must be number we can get ahold of you during fair

Exhibitor Information

Camper Information

By checking the box below, I confirm that I am at least 21 years of age and the responsible party for the space being requested. I agree to observe and follow the rules and regulations as stated below and in the Exhibitors Handbook. I agree to hold harmless, indemnify and defend Walla Walla County Commissioners, Walla Walla County and its agents, Walla Walla County Fairgrounds, and Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days harmless of all liability, claims, and costs of whatever kind and nature for injury to or death of any person or persons, and loss, destruction, or damage of any property, resulting from the willful, negligent, or careless acts or omissions of the exhibitor/owner, its subcontractors, or any employee, agent, or representative.

I agree to the terms and conditions
  1. All public laws will be enforced.
  2. Minors require adult supervision DAY & NIGHT; no minors are to be left in camp area without adequate supervision. Any camper/trailer without qualified adult supervision will be excluded from the grounds.
  3. Keep noise at a reasonable level at all times during the Fair, and all activities are to shut down by 11:00pm. Quiet hours will be between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM.
  4. NO Generators in Lot 5 or Bay Camping – no exceptions. Generators are allowed in Dry Camping (Lot 6) only.
  5. Tip outs must fit in-between the chalked lines of designated space and must allow neighbors to get in and out of their RVs comfortably.
  6. Domestic Pets are not permitted on the Walla Walla County Fairgrounds (including campgrounds) during Fair, except for service animals. Livestock is not permitted in campgrounds.
  7. Absolutely no alcohol is permitted outside of RVs. Any alcohol consumption outside of RVs or tents may lead to being removed from the Fairgrounds.
  8. NO marijuana use allowed on grounds. Follow State Laws and Regulations.
  9. Follow County and State Laws and Regulations pertaining to firearms.
  10. ALL CAMPERS MUST FOLLOW LISTED HAUL IN AND HAUL OUT TIMES. NO EARLY HAUL IN OR OUT FROM ANY LOT! Campers that are removed prior to exit times will be fined $80.00.
  11. All camping units are to be parked and left in allocated camping space until the end of your stay. Vehicles are to be disconnected from camping unit and parked in designated parking areas only.
  12. Haul Out of campers can begin at 12 am the Monday after Fair and campers must be removed from grounds no later than Noon the Monday after Fair (Labor Day each year).
  13. Camping is PRE-PAID. Each camping unit must have a permit that is easily visible to Fair Staff. Camping permits with name of owner must be displayed for easy identification.
  14. RV spaces are allowed one additional tent per campsite if they can fit within your allotted space.
  15. No open flame fires are permitted on the grounds. BBQs, Hibachis, camp stoves, or similar cooking devices you bring must keep the fire/charcoal fully contained and be at least 18 inches above the ground. Proper disposal is your responsibility. Do not place hot coals in garbage containers.
  16. Do your part in keeping camping areas clean.
  17. No vehicular traffic is permitted between the trailer rows in Lot 5.
  18. All Fairgrounds property is to be left in its place and location. This includes garbage containers. All garbage is to be placed in proper containers. Garbage cans are placed conveniently on the grounds.
  19. All guests are responsible and liable for damage in their areas during time of use.
  20. The Walla Walla County Fairgrounds is not responsible for any loss due to fire, accident, damage, or theft.
  21. Anyone not abiding by these rules or instructions of Fair Staff will be asked to leave the fairgrounds with forfeiture of all fees paid. Failure to abide by the above listed rules may result in removal from the Fairgrounds camping area. Camper will be responsible for all costs incurred with removal.
  22. For emergencies of a life-threatening nature, call 911. Tell them which campground you are in, (Lot 5 near Orchard and 9th Street) and spot number if known. Turn on lights of a vehicle to attract the response team.

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