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2022 Royalty

Queen Jenna Johnson is the 16-year-old daughter to parents Chris and Brooke Johnson. Living the entirety of her life in Walla Walla alongside her 18-year-old sister Lauren, she has come to love the valley and all it has to offer.

Jenna is currently fulfilling her junior year at Walla Walla High School where she enjoys taking ag based extracurricular activities. The school farm sparked her interest in FFA ever since she very first arrived at WAHI in her freshman year, since then she has taken several leadership roles and competitions such as Creed Speaking, Livestock Judging, Job Interview contest, and taking a position on the officer team as reporter. Showing her lamb at the 2021 Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days was a brand-new experience for Jenna, not only did she learn how to care for a market lamb over the summer but also realized how to work as a team to prepare and create a successful showing and selling experience for all FFA members.

In April of 2018 she began a job at a local boarding facility cleaning stalls and feeding in trade for lessons. This led her to the purchase of her first horse, a 6-year-oldappaloosa named Wren. Throughout the past couple of years, she has competed on Wren locally and regionally earning titles in trail, western and ranch riding. Though she has accomplished many of her showing goals, success is not granted without hard work. She has learned it takes time to build a relationship with your horse, it takes practice to hone her skill and it takes dedication to keep going every day. Deciding to throw her hat into a new ring, Jenna entered the competition for pioneer posse royalty. Being named Posse princess has given her the opportunity to represent her community, meet new people and share her love of the sport with her teammates. This experience has not only helped her grow as a person but enliven her for future court engagements. Jenna looks forward to the dedication it will take to become part of the Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days Royalty Court.

For Royalty information, please contact:

Charlie Barron, Director

Cindy Granger, Advisor

Tracy Barron, Advisor

Makenzie Widner

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