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Meet Tom and Sydnee Watson, 2024 Parade Marshals

Tom and Sydnee Watson have deep roots in the Walla Walla Valley. Sydnee comes from a family of Italian immigrants who farmed mostly sweet onions while Tom’s family of Irish immigrants were also ranchers and farmers. Growing up, Tom worked for Pepsi and delivered their products all over the valley. Those were the days when the delivery crew had to pick up the empty bottles. Tom and Sydnee met at the Green Lantern restaurant where Sydnee worked as a bartender during lunch time. They were married in January of 1970.

In the middle 1970's, the Watson’s moved to Montana and ended up in Missoula, where Tom bought his first business, Sheehan Majestic Wholesale Grocery Distribution. He expanded the small Mom and Pop business into a northwest regional enterprise and were huge supporters of the Montana Grizzlies. After selling the business in 1993, the Watsons returned to Walla Walla where they purchased the old Maid O’ Clover convenience store and started one of two eventual convenience stores. The success of that business venture opened doors to various opportunities throughout the Walla Walla valley. They were involved in establishing Walmart, multiple Taco Bell restaurants, a furniture company, the Lions Gate Apartments, car washes, and numerous other commercial property projects.

Even though they ran their business for many years, Tom and Sydnee were still able to travel and see a lot of the country and parts of the world. They attended several Olympics, World Expos and visited the Mediterranean, Mexico, Panama Canal, and Hawaii. Traveling by motorhome for over 40 years and have been able to visit nearly every state in the US and Canada. During winter, they typically journey south in their motorhome, exploring various parts of the country. A lesser-known detail is that they have had birds, parrots, and a couple of really cute dogs as well!

Tom and Sydnee have three sons, Tom Jr, Juston, and Jason. Additionally, they have six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. The Watson family have been vital members of this community for most of their lives, contributing significantly to its growth. With deep connections to the region, they have actively contributed to the local economy and restored the iconic Ritz Mansion in Walla Walla. Their engagement extends to supporting the Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days, and Sydnee's involvement in multiple sewing groups where she enjoys sharing her expertise, among other activities. While they've grown, aged, and moved around, their generosity has never wavered. They continually give to their community and the people around them.

The Walla Walla Fair & Frontier Days Board of Directors is pleased to have Tom and Sydnee Watson as our 2024 Parade Marshals.

Frontier Days Parade
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